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I talked to a lady from Bank One. Asked my first name and I said "Yes" Asked last 4 of SSN and I said "Yes" She said that I have an outstanding credit card with them. She said my bank verified my signature. I called my bank, they said they would never do that.

11 months ago

I can confirm that the call which I received from 877-934-XXXX is, indeed, spurious!

1 year ago

Called me about a old 2008 credit card bill. They said Trying to serve me papers at one of my 3 addresses, when I called, the lady said I owe $1542, if I accept the server and go to court I would pay, $3128. I told the lady exactly where I lived what time to serve me those papers that I would speak to a judge. Later that day I realized this was a scam and I called them out on it and the number is now not available anymore so this is a serious scam they say pay $1542 with us as a collection age

1 year ago

Listened to message on my wife’s phone which was identified as from “Unknown Caller.” A woman’s voice identified self as Celeste Harris from Clark County Process Server Division. Her message said that they tried to service me with legal documents at my address from 25 years ago but they were rejected. She also said to call the attorney, who was unidentified at 877-934-XXXX. She left a case number. Questions: Clark County but what state? Who was the attorney? Why is the phone number a toll free n

1 year ago