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I have been receiving all kinds of proxy based phone calls concerning this same scam. Basically, they want you to pay for: "Vehicle Service Protection", because the vehicle that they have associated with a name (which may not even be yours) is no longer under the Manufacture's warranty. It appears that they have access to a manufactures' databases and are doing a best match on the person's name and VIN number. Their tactics are very threatening. Example: "Failure to respond by 12/17/2020, will r

7 months ago

Scammy mailers claiming a vehicle is high-risk

7 months ago

Scan for vehicle warranty, $299 first mth and 99 each month after that for 18 months but you pay the first $100 of each things done to your vehicle. So each part you pay the first $100.00 this is totally a scam.

8 months ago

Car warranty

9 months ago