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Total Scam - this is not Microsoft or any other tech company - they ask for remote control to remove installed program (that is not there) and then hold your computer for ransom. Total BS and different formats sent for different Operating Systems - All are bogus. DO NOT CALL - DO NOT ALLOW ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER - IF THEY GET IN DO EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN AND CALL YOUR KNOWN COMPUTER SUPPORT - PULL POWER PLUG IF YOU HAVE TO - THEY WILL DELETE YOUR FILES.

5 months ago

In an email from "Premium Support NTSITCARE", they say they've charged me for annual renewal of a tech support account. I have no such account. This number is prominently displayed as "Support and Refund Department."

6 months ago

Got computer help a year are so back and now I get this all the time text and calls saying they renewed and charged my debit card for 399.00 and want me to call for refund. I’m not calling

6 months ago


6 months ago