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Location: West Virginia
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This is the number IRS called me back after I chose to receive a callback

7 months ago

This is the number that pops up when you request a call back instead of staying on hold with the IRS personal tax customer call center.

8 months ago

IRS Callback

8 months ago

Legit - this is the number the IRS called me back on after I was put on hold at the IRS and they called me back.

9 months ago

Seen my SS number on the notice, why would they need to scam over the phone if they already have the ss number ??

11 months ago

This was a call back after being on hold with the IRS phone number 800 829-XXXX. Message said they would call back in 45 minutes and they did. I called about an online payment agreement and the caller already had correct payment information that I did not give him onver the phone so I believe it was legit.

1 year ago

Is in fact an IRS number. Received an initiated return call concerning a tax issue. But, that being said, I’m sure also that some scammers have also spoofed this number.

1 year ago

Appears to be IRS scammers

1 year ago